The right person in the right place or with the right focus takes the next development step with the Development-Oriented Assessment of
Sprankel & Co. With a high predictive value for future success. Not to mention educational and insightful for the participant himself.
  • Focused on the participant's qualities and motivation
  • Both for selection and development purposes
  • Based on proven scientific methods for a high predictive value


It costs an organization a lot of money if someone is not in a place where he can optimally come into his own. A lot of time and money is lost due to unnecessary training, improvement processes and sub-optimal performance. In our view, the focus of a classic assessment is too much on what someone cannot and should not have, and too little on what someone's potential already has and the question of how to unlock this. That is why Sprankel & Co with the Development-Oriented Assessment.


During the assessment, the participant receives a lot of feedback and the opportunity to apply it; how he does this is one of the observations we take with us. Everything we do revolves around the question: "How does this person stand out best?". Afterwards, the Spark & ​​amp; Co-consultant draws up a report with advice to both participant and organization. In this we pay extensive attention to the learning potential and development possibilities of the participant.


Depending on the question and intake, we put together a program that can include the following components:
  - Interest and personality tests (online in advance)
  - In-depth personal interview
  - Capacity research
  - Substantive case / essay
  - Role playing

Depending on the question, the program can last half a day to a whole day.

For whom?

The Sparkle & amp; Co Development-oriented Assessment is intended for organizations that approach the issue of the right person in the right place based on someone's development opportunities. It is suitable for selection or organizational change as well as providing direction for the next career step.

More info

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