• Increases resilience and well-being
  • Employees are more resilient, your organization future-proof
  • With training actor for more learning effect
  • Six sessions in four to five months, with options to expand for greater returns


Resilience is the ability to cope with and learn from daily stress and life events. This ability differs per person, but can for the most part be trained. It is about a mix of values ​​and beliefs, and a positive attitude to life that is accessible to everyone. Do you want more vitality, personal resilience and resilience for the employees in your organization? Do you want to help them develop more self-confidence, even in difficult situations? Are you looking for a way to encourage them to take on the challenges of the work with more strength? Then the Personal Resilience Program (PVP) of Sprankel & Co may be interesting for you and for them.


The PVP consists of six sessions of one half-day with intervals of ± four weeks each. Prior to the first session, each participant has a personal intake interview with the trainer. He then further tailors the program. There are specific preparation assignments for each session to make the most of the meetings. To increase the learning efficiency even further, we deploy a training actor a number of times. During the entire process, the participants work closely together, including in pairs ("buddies") to give them extra support in realizing their learning goals and good intentions.


For the program we have selected a number of fixed basic themes, which we know are necessary to optimally strengthen the properties of resilience and vitality.

1.You have the key to change in your own hands
2. Me OK, you OK: Self-acceptance and acceptance of the other
3. Focus on things you can influence
4. Apply time management and mindfulness to work
5. Job satisfaction: working towards your values
6. Using my qualities optimally

Where necessary, we expand these basic themes with topics that are specifically important to your organization.

For whom?

The PVP of Sprankel & amp; Co is intended for anyone who wants to learn to increase personal resilience and / or has an interest in employees developing more resilience.


- Effect measurement - pre and post measurement based on a validated survey
- Train-the-trainer - sometimes it is more convenient to train internal trainers; we therefore also offer a training program with a license construction and supervision by Sprankel & Co trainers
- Customization - if desired, we can tailor the program to fit it optimally with the goals of your organization

More info

    - Suitable for participants with MBO / HBO / academic working and thinking level
    - No specific starting level required
    - Study load: 32 hours (including practical assignments)
    - Study Material: Selected literature on positive psychology and vitality & amp; resilience at work

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