Giving positive feedback (individual-online)


We all know: giving good feedback is important to be able to work together pleasantly. Giving feedback is also an important foundation for learning, achieving goals and increasing team innovation. But that doesn't mean that giving feedback is easy. How do you give constructive feedback?

How do you give feedback to your colleague / employee in such a way that the atmosphere remains really good and you also have a good feeling about it? This training ensures that it is easier and more often for you to speak to someone else in a clear and pleasant way and to give feedback, so that a learning moment arises for both.

Investment training time approximately 3.5 hours

Costs: € 50.00 (we can offer this free of VAT)

  • Customizable for your organization or team with examples that fit within the specific work context
  • To be included as part of a team building
  • Possibility of extra coaching during or after the course
  • Based on proven scientific methods (positive psychology)

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Giving good feedback is important to be able to work well together. Giving feedback is also an important basis for learning, achieving goals and increasing the innovation capacity of teams. arises for both.


An online course that can be followed individually and that everyone can follow at their own pace and at a suitable time. 


The course "Giving positive feedback" consists of the following components:  

  • Personal preparation
  • Part 1: Introduction Giving positive feedback
    Here you will learn what giving positive feedback (not) means, what is a useful goal for a feedback meeting and what the benefits are of regularly exchanging feedback with each other.
  • Part 2: A helping hand
    After this part you will know how to prepare a feedback conversation in such a way that you can enter it constructively.
  •  Part 3: Why feedback can be so difficult  
    This part will give you a better understanding of why people in general experience a barrier to exchange feedback, and you will therefore experience less hesitation to do it (more often).
  • Part 4: Quiz abouttiming & setting of feedback Here you will learn which preconditions to take into account if you want to give positive feedback. &Nbsp;
  • Part 5: From darts to puzzles 
    In this part you will learn which mindset you can adopt to give positive feedback; By entering the conversation from this mindset, you will notice that the exchange of feedback becomes easier and more accessible.  
  • Part 6: Giving feedback from the 4 G's  
    Now it is time for the technology: how do you give positive feedback? With the 4 G's you learn a feedback method with which you achieve the best possible result with each other. &Nbsp;
  • Section 7: Do's and Don'ts  
    How does such a feedback conversation go? In this section you will look at two examples and learn what is effective to do and what is not.
  • Final assignment: Feedback interview
    Time to get started! If desired, we are happy to help you in practice.

For whom?

Giving Positive Feedback is a course for both managers and employees who consider open communication, development and growth within their team and organization important and want to contribute to this themselves.

More info

  - Suitable for MBO / HBO / Academic working and thinking level
  - Required initial level: none
  - Study load: approximately 3.5 hours
  - Study material: sheets and handouts included in the online program

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