Increase the learning capacity of your team and the organization with the Positive Intervision Training (PIT) from Sprankel & Co. Team members immediately start to learn in a positive way from each other's experiences and issues.
  • Learn different intervision methods, including solution-oriented working
  • Getting started with current issues and dilemmas immediately during the training
  • Increase the team's self-reliance without external supervisors

Do you feel that more can be learned from each other in your organization? That more can be benefited from the knowledge and skills available in-house? Then intervision is probably a good idea.
Or are you already familiar with intervision and would you like to use it more effectively than you have seen so far? Then positive intervision is definitely something for you.


Positive intervision offers a proven method to advise each other in a solution-oriented, positive way about common and pressing challenges in the work. Because the participants talk to each other in a safe setting and the focus is practical and solution-oriented, they receive many useful tips on how to deal with these challenges. The positive intervision training (PIT) teaches participants how to organize and guide this themselves, without an external trainer / coach.


The PIT consists of two energetic sessions of half a day each. The participants learn the basic structure of a positive intervision session and immerse themselves in the frameworks and agreements that are necessary for an effective and safe intervision group. They are introduced to various methods and immediately put them into practice through trial rounds with their own case. Between the two training sessions (a period of three to four months) they schedule two intervision sessions and practice what they have learned.
The result is that the group can independently hold intervision sessions. Everyone in the group feels responsible for an optimal course and for their own learning process. People experience support and pleasure during the sessions and are given many practical tools to deal with (daily) issues.
If you participate as an individual prospective counselor, after the PIT you will be able to independently guide sessions for the intervision groups in your organization.

For Whom?

The PIT is for anyone who wants to increase the learning capacity of their organization. In addition, the PIT can be followed by people who want to implement and supervise intervision in their organization. Also (or especially!) If you already have experience with (other forms of) intervision, this intervision training is suitable for you.

More info

  - Suitable for MBO / HBO / Academic working and thinking level
  - No specific starting level required
  - Study load: separate from practical assignments twice a half day
  - Study material: selected literature on positive intervision, intervision in general and various intervision methods

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