Ensuring more job satisfaction and strengthening people in organizations: we do this with our Sprankel workshops and training courses. Our style is positive, critical, committed and always humorous. We go as deep as necessary and light where possible.
  • Always tailor-made for your wishes and goals
  • The theme may differ; the approach is always aimed at strengthening talent
  • Based on proven scientific methods

Investing in the growth and development of employees and increasing their job satisfaction not only results in more satisfied people, but also better performance and productivity. With our workshops and training courses you ensure that employees actually realize this potential.

Our Sprankel workshops and training courses are custom made as standard. We always start with an intake and a thorough analysis of the current and desired situation, where possible through personal intake interviews with all involved. We apply the principles of High Impact Learning for optimal learning results. And we make clear agreements about the result and how we will measure it, and evaluate thoroughly afterwards in order to learn optimally from the collaboration.


Spark workshops and training courses cover a wide range of themes, including:

  - Dealing with changes
  - From always busy to happiness at work
  - Performance appraisals 2.0
  - Treat yourself better
  - Positive relationships at work
  - Increase your influence
  - Feedback takes you further
  - Positive intervision

Our advisers and trainers have an average of 20 years of experience in training these themes and related skills in various organizations and branches.

For whom?

Sprankel workshops and training courses are aimed at anyone who wants to strengthen themselves or the employees within the organization. We always do this in a substantiated and positive way. It therefore helps if participants and management endorse this ideology.

More info

  - Suitable for MBO / HBO / Academic work and thinking level
  - No specific starting level required
  - Study load: depending on program
  - Study material: selected literature, depending on the program  

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