Would you like to increase the vitality and resilience in your organization in an accessible way? These workshops are for both employees and management who want to learn to deal better with high work pressure and the increased demands and changes at work in a short time.
  • Quick to implement for organizations in transition and / or with a high workload
  • Methods proven by positive psychology to increase personal resilience and vitality
  • Separate offer for management


n times of major changes at work, with increased work pressure and other demands placed on people, it is important that both employees and managers deal with this properly. With small changes in thinking and behavior, people can achieve big results when it comes to their personal resilience and vitality. That is why Sparkle & amp; Co developed three energetic and accessible workshops to give people this in a short time. So that your organization is ready for what the future brings.


Four workshops (of one half-day each) based on scientific insights about our brain and with proven methods to learn to deal differently with change and (too high) work pressure. The workshops can be scheduled in a short period of time, but we recommend that you keep two to three weeks between each workshop for sufficient practice time. The fourth workshop is for managers and HR, in which they learn to properly read signals in their team and among team members and to act appropriately in the event of excessive work pressure.


The workshops have the following structure:

1. Personal vitality and resilience
2. Working together on vitality and resilience
3. Deepening: working with values
4. Focus on vitality and resilience (for management and HR)

Each workshop is open to a maximum of 12 participants who want to work on their vitality and resilience.

For whom?

Sparkle & Co has developed these workshops for organizations where (major) changes lead to a lot of work pressure among employees and management. The workshop can be followed by existing teams, but also as an open registration in your organization.

More info

  - Suitable for MBO / HBO / Academic work and thinking level
  - No specific starting level required
  - Study load: three separate half-days (separate from practical assignments)
  - Study material: selected literature on positive psychology, brain learning and personal effectiveness

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